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  Su knyga „Įkvėpti vėjo ir dangaus“ – į meilės ir aistros glėbį
About us

A publishing house „Trys žvaigždutės” („Three Starlets”) was established in 1994. It publishes mainly books for children, written both by adults and children themselves.

The publishing house is lead by writer Jeronimas Laucius, who is the author of more than one hundred books the biggest part of which are books for children. He also supports and promotes writing among the young. His books have been translated into Russian, Belorussian, Esperanto, Polish, Norwegian, English, French and German. Some theatre plays are based on his stories too.

Mr. Laucius is a member of the International Union of Associations of Bibliophiles (Moscow).

The writer is always open for cooperation with other publishers, authors, theatres, cartoon creators, Lithuanian communities and anybody who needs a story or has a story of its own and wants to turn it into a book.

So if you have any ideas we are looking forward for a creative cooperation also with you!

Kalvarijų g. 159,
LT-08313 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone/fax: +370 5 276 2408
Mobile phone: +370 687 75147 (Director)
E-mail: JeronimasL@gmail.com



There is such a famous writer Jeronimas Laucius in Lithuania. It is me. I‘ve published over a hundred books (edition of about 4 million exemplars with translations in Rusian, Belorussian, Polish, French, Esperanto, Norwegian and German). Majority of my books are restricted to children and youth, futhermore, these books help to know and to grow fond of the world. So you can see them in this web site.
What‘s more, specific attention was restricted to the books for grown-ups called „You are the only one" (the first editions were called „If it‘s hard for you." The book was translated in Esperanto.), „You can only" as well as „You only have" and „The tammed miracles".
Furthermore, this is literary conversations regarding human‘s opportunities, searches of internal powers inwardly and belief of your oness, your powers.

That, what is restricted to the luckiest ones, restricted for You as well.
That, what the luckiest ones have, You have as well.
You have arms, which are able to hug your beloved person and overcome all the obstacles in the life.
You have eyes so that you could personally see the sunny part of Your life.
You can hear only good willing words from people.
You have heart, whose  each throb is restricted for You.
You have soul - the proof of divinity. You are able to know, to dream, to create and to love.
You have everything, what the luckiest ones do.
That, what the luckiest can, You can as well.

(The extract from „You are the only one")

When I realized what I wish – I was born. This was told by a person, who had reached the top of  his honour and earned general appreciation. The evaluation of the beggining of the road which leads to the uplands of achievements, the fixation with the word I WANT can help to everyone to take the very first step, from which starts the race extended by its great wish...
The thought, uncontrolled by wish, reminds of a runner speeding blindfold. He constantly stumbles and tears. All his attempts are meaningless, when neither the road nor the finish are seen.
The WISH – sort of the brother of aim. It points to the highroad, helps to overcome obstacles and to cross all the protuberant fences.
If the wish somethimes wanders, it asks for help its friend – dream. And the dream – the thought risen to the sky. From its uplands emerges the covered road and in the guidelines delineated in front. You already know that you won‘t wander. Traveling is easy, sort of going to a festival...

(The extract from „The tammed miracles")


If you counted all the wealth which belongs to You, You would know that You are endlessly wealthy.
Isn‘t it more than all the wealth of the world that You are able to feel? And not only  warmth or frost, but also worry, inspiration and the delight of creation.
And even perfect watches made by the best wrights can‘t show You how the passing time is felt. Only You can feel it. What treasures can value such a gift?
And how would you count how much the opportunity to search, find and know is worth? Many centuries have passed since the times when a general after conquering all his known places cried out of despair, that he don‘t know where could he lead his soldiers. You already know, that the Earth is much bigger than the conquest of that general, You know that thousands of unknown roads are still waiting for You, thousands of  undiscovered treausres of knowledge.
These treasures belongs to searchers. These treasures are Yours.
The ability to wait is priceless. Waiting is a hand shake  to His majesty Time, it‘s belief in his power, it‘s to declare your love. The Time rewards for love with his love and awards with royal gifts – eager to know, to understand and to grow fond of everything what surrounds You, what is visible, audible, appreciable, everything that contains the word LIFE.
The mountains of the highest hallmark won‘t serve that, what the creation‘s power is worth. Creation – the real joy, eternal search of perfection and beauty.
Creative joy drown gloom, irritability, despair and passivity – everything that puts out creative fire, something that is like heavy raindrops.
Today‘s despair – the fate of the weak, the distrustful of one‘s power.
Every single day is a source from which tomorrow is gaining strenght and power. It‘s your own tomorrow. An inexaustible spring of that source.
When you count all your treasures now, say to yourself that you can‘t be anybody else except being the happy one.

____  „  ____

If you counted
all the taken steps of people and then took at least one by yourself, everything what you summarized would be inaccurate.
Your taken step...
Your taken step changes all the counting, finishes sequence, brings You the first in the start.
You rise a hand. It‘s a well known sign for everyone: give me the way, now I will start, now it‘s my turn!..
You go to the road of time, thoughts and creation.
But you could have remained as an onlooker. Just the onlooker.
Cinderella becomes a princess.
The third brother – a king.
You – a creator.

(The extract from „You can only")

...What is the answer to the question why do I ought to carry people on my neck through the river had he heard from the last carried person? „Throw this person in the middle of the river and let him swim by himself. And you can go wherever you want."
It‘s the thought giving freedom to people! And what is it that it‘s from a fairytale? Maybe it‘s not even the farytale but a cipher of a sage sent to the happiest ones. These torturers that are sitting on the neck – it‘s our own created stereotypes: people of humble birth – don‘t take a pride in yourself, the poor – walk humbly bended your neck, you are small – avoid words used by elite in your language, someone has told you three times, showed you, that there‘s a star – get down on your marrowbones.
Get down on your marrowbones or not knowing who was your great-great-grandfather claim as you are from king family! Choose, feel free!..
A sailor came ashore of the Mississippi river and exclaimed to everyone: „From now I‘m Mark Twain! Hey, Tom Sawyer, let‘s travel around the world!
A polish girl, a modest governess Maria, after sending other children to sleep, took a physics textbook in her hands and the relative time rose her and carried to the torrential river of honour. Until now it proclaims the name of Maria Skladowska-Curie!
In dusty streats of Paris was singing a girl in a threadbare named Giavanna Gassion until a favourable wind of destiny blew – it not only banks up commonness sand into mountains of  squalor but also blows them aways exposing the sky for lucky ones - and she becomes sky‘s and earth‘s favourite Edith Piaf...

(The extract from „You only have")

Note. The text translation is literal.

If you are a publisher, than promptly write me a letter or sit in a plane and I will welcome you in the door of my publishing house „Three stars". For 20 years I‘ve been the leader and the editor in chief of this publishing house. In your country published my books – literary conversations which in my Lithuania have gained recognition will bring you success and recognition. Be the first! Good luck!

Lithuania is in Europe by the Baltic see.
The publishing house „Three stars" is in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.


Personal information
Surname, First name    Jaronimas Laucius
Adress                        Žirmūnų str. 137-46, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone                   +370 687 75 147
E-mail                         JeronimasL@gmail.com , http://www.tryszvaigzdutes.lt/
Date of birth                1946-01-01

Work experience
2009   "Book theatre" founder
2009-04-20   A member of Belarusian writers community 
2008-07-30   Granting Status of Lithuanian Art Master
1998-11-25   A member of International Union of social associations of bibliophiles
1994 April till now   A president of Public Institution of Literature Association of World Lithuanian Children Publishing house "Lithuanian children book"
1994-April   till now   Owner and Director of book publishing house „Trys žvaigždutės"
1988 October  till now   Main editor of the magazine „ŽVAIGZDUTĖ"
1968–1988   Diverse activity in production and in administration

1963–1968  Bachelors Studies   Kaunas Technological University, the faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics
1963   High school education   Panevėžio „Ramygalos" gimnazium

Training / Courses
   Driving courses, diving courses

Personal skills and competences
   Professional writer for 28 years, with experience in magazine and book writing. Author of more then 100 books. Many books are translated to English, Polish, Russian, Byelorussian, German, Esperanto languages

Languages   Lithuanian (Understanding, speaking, writing – excellent), Russian (Understanding, speaking, writing – excellent), English (Understanding, speaking, writing – a little bit), French (Understanding, speaking, writing – good, but with the help of the dictionary)

Computer skills and competences   Operation system: Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Google office, Internet Explorer

Additional information   Interests: writing books, reading, travelling, and communicating with people





UAB „Trys žvaigždutės"
Kalvarijų g. 134-42, LT-08209 Vilnius, tel. 8 687 75147
El.p. JeronimasL@gmail.com