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First, through the empty field comes Destiny.

Behind him, through the same road comes a Man.

While going, he gets thirsty.

Then he digs a well.

While waiting for the well to get water, he builds a small house.

Soon, the road leads a woman to the house.

After that they live long and happily.

If they remember, who went the road first.




The day is a road, whereas the night is the returns.

During the day you travel with Time and with yourself.

At night, you can see that sometimes you travelled by yourself, but not with Time.

At night, while returning to the beginning, you can be sure that sometimes you were walking not with Time, nor with yourself.

At night, you can see all the past and future roads.

The most important thing is to check, if you're really awake.




Did you see, how the dew drops are born?

Did you catch the thought that that birth sent you? How did it help you to make sense of your life?

A drop of dew is born to water the flower and cheer you up.

Isn't it just like a human life? After all, a human is born to be beneficial for someone, to delight others.

If in a rush you don't notice the birth of dew drop, then ask yourself, what the first morning sunshine is telling you.

Every morning is the beginning of a new and unique start of life.




Silence is the mirror of the heart.

Only in silence can you hear your heartbeat.

Silence is the mirror of sin.

Only in it can you see what‘s darker: darkness or your sin.

A person is the mirror of all the questions and answers.

But only if you‘re looking for the answers.

The earth is the mirror of your steps.

There you can see where you‘ve come from and where you can go.

The sky is the mirror of hopes.

When hope reaches the sky, it becomes the goal of your life.

Gaze at all the mirrors of the world and see yourself not as you are, but as you could be.




Only Man and Silence have a soul.

The Creators of Silence are the creators of divinity. They are greater than poets, artists, composers.

 When the Creator of the Universe spoke out loud, the silence exploded and the galaxies, stars, planets, our Sun and Earth, everything what is alive, was born.

Silence, just as time, is eternal.

The Creators of Silence find it even in the world of relentless noises- bickers, taps and knocks. To find it, means following the road of The Creator of Silence.

Only after finding it, one can hear how it beats- what is the Silent universe is talking to your heart.




What does the stone feel after being thrown into another person?

Can he change his own orbit and fly past someone without hurting it?

Is there still hope, that after this, someone will lift it from the ground and build it into the sanctuary wall?

Or maybe your own fate is to be a man of fate for yourself?




If your morning starts with your usual sip of coffee, from an urgent phone call, from the early world or local news or from a jump to the car- it means you are not living.

Only when your morning starts with the sunrise, you can be reborn again.

After all, at least once in your lifetime there had to be such morning, which, as for all who are alive, would start with the sunrise.

There had to be a day, when the sun was the conductor of the day's sounds and silences.

If this was the case, it means you can still be reborn again.

If this wasn't the case, it means you would have to be born for life anew.




Some say that people were born with wings once ago. Flying among the birds, they were glad when they saw the sky and flew near the clouds.

Then, some people learned to create, dream and with the help of their thoughts they rose even higher than the spectacular eagles and could finally dive through the sky-wide, fly to other planets, the bravest ones even travelled to them.

People no longer envied the birds and their wings have stopped growing...

After many centuries, nobody remembered that they once had wings. Later they didn't even remember that there were times in the past when they knew how to dream.

Only when they saw Icarus trying to reach the sun, people wanted to see the sky from up close again.

But now his rulers, avoiding the wrath of the people and fearing that because of them wars that are constantly happening in the world would start in heaven, did not send the wings to them, and did not allowed people to the sky even if they were hiding in the metal planes or rockets.

However, as the most expensive gift, people who have overcame the pull of earth's thoughts have been allowed to dream again.




Fate, like a companion who does not leave you on your path of Life and advices you on every crossroad in Life.

Fate is the words he sends the man to help him rediscover himself in order not to disappear between the infinite fates.

If you heard all the words, Fate is sending to you, you would be not who you are now, but you would become the one the Creator intended you to be.

If you heard at least half of the words, the Fate is sending to you, you would reach the big road, the big crossroad of life- changing discoveries.

If you heard at least one word, the Fate is sending to you, ten you would instantly listen up and try your best to quiet the flow of words you hear every day in order to hear at least one more word the Fate is sending you.

One word send by Fate can change Your Fate.

That word can be INSPIRATION.


Inspiration to LOVE.

Inspiration to LIVE.




Once upon a time he wondered, what should he do on Thursday, if he died on Wednesday.

While planning all the necessary work he should do on Thursday, if he died on Wednesday, the man was calming down.

Remembering his plans, he didn't find anything that he should do on Thursday, if he died on Wednesday.

He got even more surprised and pleased after finding out, that there was no important work on Thursday, even if he died on Wednesday.

Today is Tuesday. It means that he has two worry-free days, two weeks, two months, two years, all life...

A life full of life awaits him.




He doesn't remember anymore, who gave him advice to speak to his hat, if no one was there to talk with him.

He liked the advice. Since he only met people for brief moments, it was difficult to talk with someone. Moreover, what can you say about people, when the life itself would meet him in brief moments only.

Life, just like people, cannot be stopped or slowed down of its fast pace. It seems that the fate from the past days and worries had some sort of a horsewhip, which chased his plans through dusty roads of life, without allowing anything to change according to his own will.

Only after taking his hat off and holding it with both hands, he could stop the fast pace of fate and talks things out, while he was holding the hat in his hands.

Unfortunately, no one accepted this new discovery. Everyone was so busy, that they couldn't find the time to talk even to their own hats. 

All he was left with was hopes that one day he will meet with his friends, who will take their hats off and for the first time will talk to each other. Even while saying goodbyes, they will hold their hats and will put them on only after going to the streets full of strangers.




The proverb, that a small stump trundles a big wagon, is known not only from folklore, but also from our own daily life.

Sadly, more and more people want to be the small stumps in their lives, and the big wagons are becoming rarer, although all the stumps would gladly jump into the wagon.

If one fails to overthrow the large wagon with the driver sitting in it, the small stump has only one thing to do, the last opportunity to make sense for himself- to catch up and crawl onto the wagon full of clovers unnoticed.  This way, the stump immediately lifts to the height of the wagon!

Stretched out on the fragrant lucky- clovers, he is looking at the blue sky, enjoying that he didn't have to bother himself about where to buy the wagon, nor how to take care of it or repair it.

And now, he doesn't care if the wagon falls into the ditch, if it goes on some stump which is waiting to overthrow the wagon- a thing he knows!

- I'm being carried! - said the stump happily, convincing himself, that he is the co-owner of the wagon or maybe even the owner himself.

The stump is happily driving, swinging, and without worrying himself, he is repeating his own law of life:

- I'm being carried!




And the biggest mountain is just a risen earth crust that acquired the shape of a mountain.

The mountain itself has no benefits.

On the contrary- it interferes with constructions of roads, house building and it even blocks the raising Sun.

However, when the mountain is approach by a geologist, he, with his knowledge, starts exploring it and searching for its hidden minerals- the mountain becomes a true treasure that enriches hundreds of people, as even the cities start rising there. The treasures found by a geologist nourishes, prepares and inspires people for new and exciting discoveries.

And the person is just like some mountain. As long as he does not seeks those inner treasures, as long as he does not explore the talents that the nature has benefited him- he is not useful neither to himself or others, as he is just taking place in the counts of people.

However, after looking at other people-mountains or pushed by some impulse, one starts searching his own uniqueness and purpose in life, and finally finds treasures that change his life - he decorates his life with diamonds and the charm of new discoveries.

A man permanently becomes a geologist of his inner treasures, he is constantly looking, he is discovering the beauty of thoughts and life secrets and by doing that he decorates the whole world.

Sometimes one impulse, one stop or one glance is enough. Sadly, many fails.

But maybe you will succeed...




After everyone left and the hall got empty, only two people were left there- the cleaner and the writer.

The cleaner, grumbling about the mess people left, was collecting their trash, cleaning the dirty floor- she was erasing the traces people left.

The writer was collecting the thoughts that people left, purifying them and thinking of their possible places in future books about people's lives.

The cleaner cleaned the footprints left by the writer's dusty shoes.

The writer immortalized the cleaner in his book.

P.S. The cleaner got paid. The writer was turning his head, thinking where to get the funds to publish his works.




He stands before the monument of a warrior, from which back in the day he escaped by running.

He was not reached by one, who now became the monument, nor his bullet.

After finishing going down the memory lane, the man leaves a flower near the statues' feet and walks away.

However, like every time, he looks back.

He wants to be sure, that the one, who was his pre-war honest neighbour, is no longer chasing him after.




Here, we talk about our pains.

While talking, our pains embrace and merge into one whole. The more general the pain, the smaller it is for each of us.

We don't talk about the world crisis here, as some of us were surviving them or some still live in it.

We don't talk about millions here, because we were forced to learn to survive with a hundred.

No one talks about clothes or fashion, because with the help of doctors we try to direct the looks to ourselves, to our inner beauty.

Here we talk about how to find enough wit in yourself to have enough even for foolishly living your life, and how to find out that foolishness is not a real foolishness if you live your life.

In this hospital we live a relatively short period of time, so we start to understand the concept of time differently too. as we cherish our time, we don't talk about nonsense, because for us others talked out it too much. And that lead us here.

We are taking here with the voice of a soul about her liberation, her engagement and empathy of the life of thoughts.

Depending what some listen to, different is heard.

I listen and write, for more people to hear, that the world is unaware how increasingly rapid it is and that it might destroy the most delicate and wonderful instrument of nature- the human soul.




When the whole world got sick, I retreated to edge of it.

House, things and all the people, got distant from me.

I stayed alone with my patient, which was getting harder and harder to look after.

After all, I loved him once, and now he was breathing cold and I was frightened.

When fear got ahead of me, I met someone in white. He told me, that the sick is not the whole world, but just my own.

I realised, that there are two worlds: mine and the world's world.

That means, that the world's world has sickened my world. What else could have infected me?

After realising, that both worlds are sick, I found out why people don't understand me and don't even want to understand: they all live in that sick world.

Hence, I should wait until someone heals that sick world.

Then, perhaps, I will be visited by people, who will understand and help my sick world to recover.




The forest was already surrounded by dusk, yet the lost children still can't find a way back home. The brother is calming his sister and decides to climb up a tall tree.

In the distance, he sees a light and both children run towards it.

A fairy of the light opens the door. She invites the children in, she gives them some raspberry tea, puts them to soft beds and in the morning, shows them the road back.

The children, carrying baskets of wild berries and mushrooms happily come home...

... This is his indelible childhood (fairy) tale.

Now he's already old, with grey hair. The children grew up a long time ago. And yesterday, after a three-day wandering in the woods, his lost grandchildren have finally returned home.

They didn't notice, when it got dark. And when they looked around, they realised that they are lost.

While wandering around, they found a small path, and after walking it for some time, they saw a light. Both remembering the stories about thieves, cruelty and kids stolen or taken away from the parents, got frightened and decided to hide and run into the forest depths.

After three days avoiding main roads and people, they both happily return home.

P.S.  Because nobody complained about this incident, the children were not taken away from their loving parents. This happy story can be sent to "Child Right Protection Services". It can warm the rest of the souls. If you send them happy ending stories like this, never write names or addresses.

Such is life.

Without the Light Fairy, that is waiting for the lucky ones.




When you star thinking about success, success starts thinking about you.

When you start thinking about sadness, sadness rushes over to help you grief.

When you still don't start thinking, the thoughts start fooling around, so you wouldn't start thinking.

When you start thinking about the meaning of life.

You start living.





When the sadness comes to you, greet him like any of your guests.

If he comes to you, it means he needs you.

If he comes to you, it means, he wants to tell you something important.

Try guessing his thoughts before meeting him.

Sit down with him on a bench.

Listen to him, understand him.

Lead the sadness till the gates,

Accept the light of relaxation left by it.




He doesn't remember now, who asked, where the light disappears when the candle is blown out.

While trying to answer the question he would find various answers, and they gave birth to new questions.

What is that light path? How does the darkness meet it?

Was darkness always darkness, or before blowing the candle out, that darkness was also light?

Does that former light remember, who it shined upon?

And does someone remember, that they lived enlightened by her?

Did they discover a new light, or decided to stay in the dark and live with it?

The Memory Light awaits the answer.

While it is still light.




Health minus my illnesses- equals my health.

Memory minus my forgetfulness- equals my memory.

The daily joys minus the troubles I forgot- equals the Joy of my Life.

All people minus the ones unfit- can be equal to my loneliness.

All the wealth in the world minus what I don't need- equals my riches.

Life with all minuses and pluses, with love and hope- equals my Life.




If I were a wizard, I would know those spells which would give magical powers, make you wealthiest, happiest, and the most loved.

If you were wizards, you would hear all of that in the simplest words, the murmur of the woods, the rippling of streams, the silence of the night, the sunbeam.

If not one of us was a wizard, then every day we would still be met by the embrace of the greatest wizard of all, named Life.

He gives his gifts to everybody - dawns, visions, passions.

Meet him.

Welcome him.

And be the wealthiest, happiest, and the most loved.




A tree once was a victim of a storm and fell upon a man. A book fell out of his hands. The wind flipped through the pages, and the man could do nothing but read.

It was the biography of his life, and the lives of other people. The wind flipped the pages quickly, only sometimes leaving him the same episode of life or some forgotten event.

The longer he read, the closer he got to himself, to his life. Now he couldn‘t hurry anywhere, mentally or physically, and was left with only himself. After so many years, only himself.

The wind calmed down, leaving an open page with three words: „Rise and go!"

Rise and go!

The man rose.

Rose to live his life.

Looking at others he could tell apart those which had been stuck under tree, and those who hadn‘t.




Night as a loss of daylight, as a siege of the dark, is only that to those, who close their eyes and drown in their own darkness.

The happy ones welcome the night as a starry queen, who shows gratitude for such a meeting with royal embrace.

Night becomes the healer of all the diseases of the day. The worries and pains which creep up during the day she gives to the guardians of the past, heals with forgetting and bright memories.

Through dreams, the night sends us codes of fate, leaving the freedom of deciphering them to the person.
For the happy ones it is a true gift. They exchange the currency of dreams to purchase the love of destiny




By nature, rewarded with determination, he had overcome even the greatest obstacles, he would reach for higher levels of ambition.

Acquiring self-confidence, he finally decided to fight with his weaknesses, which had previously seemed insurmountable.

He succeeded in that battle- victory followed victory.

However, despite him being satisfied with himself, he became dissatisfied with life.

Now, even with a double excitement, he started looking for a reason of that failure.

After a long time, he realised that all the weaknesses he had overcome were actually his joys of life.





Thoughts are like living rivers which flow, hurry, change beyond every bend, widen, merge into a larger river which then flows into the sea.

And thoughts flow, change, discover something new.

That is why they do not age, they are always young and fresh.

Only beliefs get old. They are like a palisade over the field of thoughts.

In the beginning, this palisade is a decoration of life. On it you can see farther, wider, but over time it becomes a real obstruction to the flow of thought.

Thoughts, like that river, stop and muddle. Once green plains turn into swamps, grow full of weeds. The land becomes unfertile, ghost-like...

Beliefs must always be checked if they haven't gotten old, if they haven't left you in the swamp of old beliefs.

Look around - you will always see hills of new beliefs.

Let us meet there...




If you dismantle a clock, and after realising how it works, you will try to put it back together- even the slightest uninstalled clock detail will keep the clock from working. The clock is constructed in such way, that it needs all the details that it had in the first place.

The Clocks of Life work differently.

After searching for the love and purpose of Life, the thoughts of all past events and everything that was wrong or not even meaningful enough to remember should be put to the Landfill of Thoughts, which will help you to feel like you have acquired a new Clock of Life.

Now the Clock tells you, where to search for the new values of life, the beauty of life; now it counts only the gifts of Fate, which you have never seen before. 

Your whole life is a course on the development of the mastery of the Clocks of Life.




Sometime ago nobody threw away broken furniture or leaky shoes, as they would repair, fix and use them again.

Everything changed when he prospered. Just like all rich people, as soon as something stopped working, he would throw it away ruthlessly and would buy something better and prettier.

He was so accustomed to throwing everything old away, he didn't realise that he started to throw old memories, cold feelings and expendable friends out of his life too.

Being left without friends and feelings, the man ruined himself, and was forced to repair a broken chair and find his way to the shoe repair shop.

On his way there, he met an old friend, with whom, sitting on the bench, he started to remember his old memories.

Where all the lost addresses of his friends, where does his thrown away love live?

- I'll stop monkeying around as other do. No matter what happens in my life, I will not throw it away. I will repair it and live my true life, - he said to himself and to us both.

To me and You.




As strange and incomprehensible the world may be, if you understand that you didn't make it, you become free from all the illogical oddities or the absurdities which follow you.

Free, only when you're free from all that, you can create YOUR OWN WORLD.

Then you can delve into the glorious kingdom of thoughts, where you are the sole ruler.

Calling forth the whole army of thoughts you feel the power to conquer new horizons of the world you've created, make it better in whichever way you'd like.

Even if you are unhappy with your world, you know that you made it.

Most importantly, you know that you can always create it again and again. You can learn from the wisdom of others, call upon the thoughts of the Heavens and decorate your life with them.

You have your entire life for this.




Don't be afraid of:

Your self. The otherness of people. Problems. Life. Changes.



Yourself as you are. Yourself among others. People. Life.



Mistakes. Flaws. Thoughts. Your own peculiarities.

Life from the day of birth. Today which is pleasant to be with and to venture into tomorrow.



Yourself. Energy. Possibilities.

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